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Indian Tanjore Paintings Manufacturer by Shri Krishna Tanjore

Indian Tanjore Paintings,India Tanjore Painting Gallery,Indian Tanjore Painting DesignsTanjore Painting is a distinctive, traditional painting which is named after the place Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu. Tanjore paintings are the majestic Heritage of the country. This style of painting has a history of two hundred years. Tanjore paintings are strongly traditional and still pioneering with time. This art is holy and sacred for the people. Tanjore art is one of the numerous native art varieties for which India is renowned.

Themes used

The paintings mostly have the images of Gods because this art of painting flourished at a time when fine-looking and striking temples were being constructed by rulers of several dynasties. The figures in these paintings are large and the faces are round and divine. Most of the paintings would portray the Krishna as deity and his various mischiefs during his childhood. There are paintings of other God and Goddesses also. Over a period of time changes have taken place in different styles.

Tanjore Paintings,Tanjore Paintings Gallery,Tanjore Paintings DesignsArtistic Patterns

Tanjore paintings are elite. The paintings make bright use of colours and so they look damn beautiful. The impact in a dark room is that of a glowing presence. The rich lively colors, darts of gold, use of gemstones and fine artistic work are characteristics of these paintings. They add beauty and culture to a variety of surroundings and décor. Tanjore paintings are the ultimate forms of expression of love of God-head, truth, beauty and devotion. Hundreds of devoted artists from Tamil Nadu have kept alive this beautiful form of art and have brought about new innovations to it.

Areas for decoration

The paintings add elegance to the interior decoration of the houses, walkways of hotels and lobbies of Offices. They can also be nice gifts for Diwali, Weddings and other special occasions.

Tanjore Paintings Exporters,Tanjore Paintings Suppliers by Shri Krishna Tanjore

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