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Nakshi Katha is hand embroidered quilts, bedspreads, wall hangings and pillow shams made by artists in rural area of the Royal Bengal Tiger. Nakshi Katha is folk art that has been passed down through generations of Bengali families. The most famous folk craft term is "Nakshi Katha", in which Bengali women made quilts from saris, folding them into layers and using itinerant running stitches with threads picked from the sari borders. It is warm as a wrap and soft for babies too. Rural women gave free rein to their imagination in colorful designs or flowers they saw, the pond they went to bath in or the conch shell they blew in the evening. From an ordinary stitch it morphed into the beautiful Nakshi Katha, a connoisseur's delight.

Bengal Katha making is a little different from other quilting artistry. The material is different, so is the stitching method. From a very long time, Bengal cotton and silk have been known in the world market for its finesse and quality. Bengal "muslin" was an item of export even at Percale's time.

The current popularity of Katha across the country and now abroad too, as a fashion Statement has a very humble beginning, like many Bengali crafts. The popularity of Katha has meant economic independence and empowerment to hundreds of poor Bengali women. At the 1990 Edinburgh Folk Festival for the Commonwealth Countries, Nakshi Katha drew attention by winning a prestigious prize.

Nakshi Katha, Silk Queen

Hand Embroidered Quilt: This 3 layered, hand embroidered quilt is artistic, elegant and comfortable. Top layer is made from the softest silk to look even more gorgeous, the middle layer uses cotton voel lining as a cushion, and the bottom layer is very soft voel cotton fabric for the softest comfort. This authentic Bengal quilt is the unchanged design which was passed through generations of Bengal culture. It takes about 8 to 10 weeks to make one quilt. This beautiful hand embroidered quilt is perfect for the bed, the sofa or even as a wall hanging. Nakshi Katha makes an excellent gift for your loved ones.

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